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Finally the Alchemical Fusion of Tantra and Tachyon Technologies
Powerfully Enhance Every Aspect of Your Tantra Practice.




The blending of Tachyon with Tantra offers a unique possibility for benefiting ourselves as well as uplifting others and our planetary consciousness.

Tachyonized Tantra products are already being sold in many countries, creating exponential global expansion. Tachyonized Tantra tools are simply the most unique and effective products on the planet for sexual healing, enhancing sexual ecstasy, awakening Kundalini, opening up the chakra system, expanding consciousness and bringing qualities of meditation into daily life.

There is a vast difference between an ordinary Tantra tool and a Tachyonized Tantra Tool. Take this as an invitation to experience, through your own personal experience, the transformation Tachyon Tantra Tools bring.

The science of Tantra has been around for thousands of years and Tachyonization has been around since 1990. Both are proven and effective methods for raising consciousness and enhancing every aspect of your well-being. The merging of the two creates an unprecedented level of transformation, both physically and spiritually.

As Tantrikas, as we turn and face the world, we now have a replicable way of offering Tachyonized Tantra products through our work, whether that be in courses, sessions, or on-line forums. Advanced Tachyon Technologies is a mature, conscious company and as such is in the position to provide these products in a way that not only supports planetary well-being but also supports our livelihood.