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Tantra is the union of meditation and love. Meditation represents the masculine path of non-judgmental witnessing. Love represents the feminine path of love and devotion. As these two dimensions within us meet we experience an alchemical shift into our ultimate divine nature. No matter what style of meditation you practice all methods lead into present moment awareness, into the space beyond time and mind. This blissful state is a place of eternally flowing presence.


Tantra Healing Energy Products and Tools support and enhance meditation practices and are of tremendous value for the Tantra practitioner. As you use these products you may realize and experience a newly-opened and flowing chakra system, moments of timelessness and bliss, an expanded awareness of your auric field, expanded states of consciousness, and the descent of grace from the beyond. The perfume of deep meditation is love and gratitude. Tachyon products help you to achieve this easily and naturally.


To learn about the revolutionary, extraordinary Tachyonized Ultra-Spheres, the ultimate tool for Tantra meditation, click on the above links: Meditation Tools for Men and Meditation Tools for Women. 


The list below illustrates the striking similarities of ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of how life manifests in physical form as revealed in the science of modern-day quantum physics.   

Brahma = Zero Point Field –– Brahma is Godliness, the formless form from where everything arises and to where everything returns. It is simultaneously void and carries the potential for all form.

Prana = Tachyon -- Prana is the subtle breath of life, an omnipresent inspiration for all of life to animate itself. 

Prema = Subtle Organizing Energy Field –– Prema is an auric field, which exists around every particle of matter offering the power of love for the revitalizing of every life form. The meaning of prema is love in it’s most pure expression.

Ojai = Healthy Life Force Energy –– Ojas means joy and indicates life force energy in it’s balanced state. Ojas is the power of our life force, which invigorates every aspect of our body. When human energy is in a flowing healthy state, we experience joy and creativity.

Deeksha = Verticality –– Deeksha is the descent of grace, offering enlightened consciousness as a continuously flowing effervescent blessing direct from source.