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Celebrating The Divine Feminine Energies

Tantra Healing Energy tools for women are, without question, the most powerful tantric tools on the planet. They are so powerful and so effective they help you achieve sexual healing and transformation from sexual trauma, and aid you in experiencing the exquisite ecstasy of sexual pleasure and higher states of awakened consciousness.


Tantra Healing Energy products are meant to be used alone or with an intimate partner to explore, heighten, and satisfy every adventure of sexual union. 


Tantra Healing Energy products activate your natural orgasmic potential providing you with the opportunity to discover, experience, and enjoy your full body-pleasure network––clitoris, G-spot, cervix, perineum, and nipples while linking to the sex activation system in the brain. By activating this network you experience full body orgasms and expanded states of consciousness.  


Pleasure Wand is a girl's best friend, assisting you in sexual healing and achieving sensational orgasms you may never have dreamed possible.  


Yoni Egg stimulates and magnifies your sexual pleasure while strengthening your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles.


Ultra-Spheres are the incredible, revolutionary, one-of-a-kind tantric tool that nurtures sexual joy and satisfaction while expanding the treasured bliss of ecstasy throughout your auric field. 


The practice of Tantra includes methods that support the raising of ‘kundalini energy’ from sex to superconsciousness. To effectively awaken Kundalini, we first need to achieve an ecstatic expression of our sexuality. As you embark on the Tantra path, if you have a history of sexual abuse or negative conditioning and repression of sexuality, you may realize a need to explore sexual healing and the empowering of this basic life force energy. Tantra Healing Energy tools and products elegantly, effectively, and powerfully assist you in doing so.