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5G Freedom Tachyon Pendant - ULTRA

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  • 5G Tachyon Pendant - Freedom pendant is a powerful tool as part of our journey to thrive in the world of 5G.
MSRP: $179.98
$176.38 (You save $3.60)
FP-5GU 5G Protection Pendant

Product Description

Personal: 5G-Power Pick

In our technology-driven world, we're constantly surrounded by devices that emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and 5G mmWave. The Freedom 5G Pendant Tachyon Ultra stands as your beacon of safety, offering unparalleled protection against 5G and EMFs!

Step into the world of Tachyonization™ with David Wagner, the genius behind this transformative technology. Welcome to a realm where 5G concerns are met with the innovative Freedom Pendant. The pendant's design, featuring Tachyonized™ Vertical-Crystal and Air-Gap, is an effective countermeasure specifically crafted for the 5G environment.

The Freedom pendant's external allure lies in its attractive, distinctive design - an epitome of elegance and class. Yet, it's the mysterious inner workings that make it truly exceptional. Even Wagner acknowledges the struggle of capturing its essence with words. This emblem of revolutionary thought exceeds conventional comprehension and expectations.

The Principle:

According to Wagner, the profound experience is derived from the strategic juxtaposition of two Tachyonized™ Vertical-Crystals with an ideal air-gap. This innovative arrangement fosters a prolonged Tachyon collision, creating a unique energy field. This results in a minimization of frequency bifurcations, thus creating a potent protective bubble around you. The Freedom pendant's unique design offers a novel, unparalleled experience that may vary from individual to individual due to its powerful and often unexpected effects.


Design and Dimensions:

Our designs are based on the durability of surgical stainless steel. The pendant has a length of 43mm (1.7 inches) from base to top, and it's 10mm (0.39 inches) wide. The pendant weighs 17 grams, exclusive of the chain. Please note, each 5G Freedom pendant includes a free chain, though the chain is not Tachyonized and its style may vary based on stock availability. The free chain comes without any warranty.

Guidelines for Use:

To ensure the longevity of the pendant, keep it out of water. We recommend starting with shorter wear times and gradually increase the duration as you adjust to the pendant's energy. For optimal results, wear it throughout the day and remove it during sleep. Some sensitive users may find it beneficial to store the pendant in a vertical position when not in use, such as hanging in a closet. If at any point the energy feels too intense, simply remove the pendant until you're ready to wear it again. With each use, you'll find a new level of comfort, eventually reaching a point where the energy is unnoticeable, yet working effectively. Explore and adapt the usage based on your comfort and experience.

The 5G Freedom pendant is a powerful asset on your journey to thrive in a 5G-dominated world.

In the following video, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, an independent researcher, globally acclaimed author, and life extension scientist, provides further insights into the Tachyon solution for personal 5G protection.