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NEW Tachyonized Cervical Wand - Healing and Activation of Cervix

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MSRP: $239.69
$195.70 (You save $43.99)

Product Description

NEW Tachyonized Cervical Wand 

The Tachyonized Cervical Wand is designed for healing and activation of the Cervix. For many women, the cervix can become numb, painful or insensitive, often due to rough or aggressive penetration in the past. The Tachyonized Cervical Wand is unique because it helps to clear tension, re-sensitize the cervix, and awaken to deep cervical pleasure through powerful Tachyon energy.


This healing and activating Tachyon energy, as well as gentle stimulation, can gradually open up the cervix to expanded pleasure potential and cervical orgasm, one of the deepest and profound orgasmic experiences possible for women.

It is long enough to reach the cervix, the deepest part of the yoni, and the extra-long length amplifies the power of the Tachyon energy as well as makes it easy to hold and direct the wand to where you want it to go. The long S-shape follows the natural contours of a woman’s yoni, and ribs are designed to stimulate the walls of the vagina.

The round bulbous end is especially for stimulation of the g-spot/urethral sponge, and the narrow end is especially good for working with the cervix, but both sides can be uses for both areas, experiment with the wand to find the best way for you to use the wand. The narrow end is especially good for “yoni-mapping”, finding out which small areas inside the yoni may be numb or painful and focusing on those areas with healing tachyon energy.

 If you experience vaginal pain, tension or numbness during sex or self pleasure, doing a gentle de-armouring practice could be right for you. The wand is designed intentionally for gentle internal de-armouring, vaginal self-massage and releasing pelvic tension.  De-armouring is a process of intentionally applying gentle pressure to places of numbness or pain or tightness inside the vaginal canal in order to release physical and emotional blockages in the yoni. This transforms numbness or pain or tightness into energy flow, awakening, and increased orgasmic potential.

The Tachyonized Cervical Wand could potentially also be used for anal massage and Prostate stimulation and healing for men.

Benefits of Use:

- healing pelvic pain and discomfort
- physically and energetically healing the womb and yoni
- awakening to more internal sensation and pleasure
- re-sensitization of a numb cervix, which is often caused by aggressive penetrative sex
- becoming more orgasmic, especially deep cervical orgasms
- deeper connection to your yoni
- become empowered in de-armoring and yoni mapping yourself

Directions for Cleaning Your Tachyonized Tantra Tools


1. Wash your tool thoroughly with warm water and soap.

2. Gently place your tool in a pan of water.

3. Turn on the burner and bring the water to a soft boil.

4. Once a soft boil is reached, keep boiling for 1 to 1.5 minutes, turn off the burner.
***Do not keep boiling for more than 1 and a half minutes!

5. Leave tool in water and allow to cool. When water has cooled, remove tool. Dry and enjoy.


28cm long x 3cm (bulbous end) x 2cm (thinner end)

Contraindications and Cautions:

Note: You should not use this product if you are pregnant. Intense cervical stimulation with this or any other pleasure wand is not advised.

Experience one of the most powerful and pleasurable crystal wands in existence. It will quickly become your yoni’s best friend!