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Tachyonized Yoni Egg (Medium) - Perfect Size. Upgrade Your Jade Egg!

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  • Tachyon Yoni Eggs, THE best and safest, give off a 30 foot Tachyonized energy field so powerful you experience ecstatic orgasms, extreme sexual pleasure, and heal sexual trauma.
  • Tachyon Yoni Eggs, THE best and safest, give off a 30 foot Tachyonized energy field so powerful you experience ecstatic orgasms, extreme sexual pleasure, and heal sexual trauma.
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Product Description

Yoni Egg (Medium) - Perfect Size. Upgrade Your Jade Egg!

Tachyon Yoni Eggs, THE best and safest, give off a 30 foot Tachyonized energy field so powerful you experience ecstatic orgasms, extreme sexual pleasure, and heal sexual trauma. 

Medium size: 43 x 30mm (1.7x1.2 inch) 
Yoni Eggs are becoming increasingly popular around the world and the Tachyonized version is a modern upgrade of the ancient practice of using Jade or Crystal Eggs. Made of fused crystal, these Yoni eggs are very powerful in their capacity to help women strengthen pelvic floor and vaginal muscles leading to stronger orgasms, and in bringing about expanded pleasure states while being worn. These yoni eggs can be safely boiled for maximum hygiene.


If you use or have been considering implementing a Yoni egg, into your life, then rejoice that you are here, being introduced to The Tachyonized Yoni Egg!  This is quite literally the biggest upgrade, EVER! It offers a quantum leap into sacred sexuality, healing of sexual trauma and opening up ecstatic orgasmic potential.

The Tachyonized Yoni egg is a breakthrough in energetic self-love. With a 30 foot plus energy field, wearing a Tachyonized egg cannot be compared to any other type of Yoni egg in the world. The ability of Tachyon to create balance and harmony has been proven and documented since 1990. When you welcome a Tachyonized egg into your inner sanctum a sense of well-being, and expansion is the most common report from happy users.  Wearing it can quite literally change your life.

Because the Tachyon Yoni Egg energy field is so nurturing, balancing and healing women often report a sexually uplifting effect. It increases the production of natural lubrication and greatly enhances equilibrium during menopause. Because of its energetic strengthening effects it supports elasticity in the Yoni and boosts libido.

As a tool for meditators, it creates a sense of expansion, allowing one to connect more readily with all that is the divine.

Try it and spread the good news! It is the experience that changes lives!

Intended Uses:

  • Use during certain Tantra meditations

  • Ecstatically supercharge your libido

  • Help energetically clear any sexual traumas and negative sexual conditioning

  • As you bring your body back into balance and harmony, the symptoms of PMS typically dissolve

  • Intentionally increase your sexual health and vitality

  • Restores vaginal elasticity, especially after childbirth

  • Promotes vaginal dexterity

  • Prepares you for, and improves, all aspects of lovemaking

  • Awakens orgasmic potential

  • Clears stagnated or blocked sexual energy

  • Increases the natural flow of vaginal lubrication

  • Can relieve menopausal symptoms

  • Rejuvenates the pelvic floor, which can resolve incontinence
  • Enhance pleasure sensations in the whole pelvic area and erogenous zones in various parts of the body

What Is The Yoni Egg Made Of?

Advanced Tachyon technologies, international has been Tachyonized material since 1990, and today serves over 150 countries with their Tachyon materials. 

One of those materials is a bonded fused quartz material. The material maintains a six sided molecular structure, that dramatically increases strength. This makes the material very resilient and should be expected to last a lifetime.  The benefits of using the bonded fused quartz, is that it can withstand substantial temperature differentiations. You can boil it! (Which is a very desirable attribute when sterilizing.) Unlike stone eggs, boiling will not deteriorate the interior structure. Since the material is made from a natural quartz compound, it Tachyonized is brilliantly and produces a most effective and transformative tech energy tool. The tech activation process is permanent. 

All Tachyonized materials are permanent Tachyon antennas, never needing to be recharged or restructured. This means is that your Your Yoni egg will continue to perform for as long as you own it.

How Often Should I Use My Egg?

Because of the tremendously balancing and harmonizing effects of this Tachyonized egg, we recommend that you start off slow and allow your system to integrate all of the changes. Typically we recommend wearing the egg for no more than two hours the first time. During this time we highly recommend that you allow the energies to open and expand you as you become aware of them.


There are two sizes of eggs.
Medium size: 43 x 30mm (1.7x1.2 inch) 
Large size: 50 x 35mm (2.0x1.4 inch)

This particular egg is a Medium Tachyon egg: Medium size: 43 x 30mm (1.7x1.2 inch)

Directions for Cleaning Your Tachyonized Tantra Tools:


1. Wash your tool thoroughly with warm water and soap.

2. Gently place your tool in a pan of water.

3. Turn on the burner and bring the water to a soft boil.

4. Once a soft boil is reached, keep boiling for 1 to 1.5 minutes, turn off the burner.
***Do not keep boiling for more than 1 and a half minutes!

5. Leave tool in water and allow to cool. When water has cooled, remove tool. Dry and enjoy.


Just make sure you clean and disinfect after each use.

Trouble Shooting:

The market is flooded with beautiful looking color enhanced, polymer injected so called ‘jade eggs.’ These polymer injected eggs are potentially toxic and when you boil these it increases the release of toxicity. With the Tachyonized Yoni Egg you can feel secure that you are receiving a top quality Tachyon product that enhances your natural capacity for bliss and wellbeing.