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Men's Sexual Support

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The Tachyonized Ultra-Spheres can be used inside the anus, bringing about prostate healing and activation. You may find yourself releasing old trauma trapped in the anus while, at the same time, discovering much more sensitivity and pleasure in your entire genital area. For an added boost to your sexual pleasure wear the spheres while making love with your intimate partner. She may be blown away by the exquisite potency she will feel emanating from your lingham and pelvic area. The prostate gland, which can be felt through the walls of the anus, once liberated from tension, is capable of bringing about enhanced pleasure to every aspect of a man's sexuality. By wearing the Ultra-Spheres a man can experience greatly enhanced sexual pleasure. The Ultra Spheres expand our capacity for orgasmic joy in the body and in the auric field. 
Ultra-Spheres are an excellent tool for men who practice conservation of their semen and desire the attainment of full body orgasm.