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Women's Sexual Awakening

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Our Tantra Healing Tools open up sexual empowerment and ecstasy, while at the same time offering effective transformation of sexual trauma. As our natural orgasmic potential opens up we discover the subtle energy pathway along the spine for ecstatic energy to move in and up into full body orgasm and higher consciousness states. These tools can be used alone or with an intimate partner to heighten every aspect of sexuality.


Yoni Eggs are becoming increasingly popular around the world and our Tachyonzed version is a modern upgrade of the ancient practice of using jade or crystal eggs. Made of fused crystal, these Yoni Eggs are very powerful. When worn they help women strengthen their pelvic floor and vaginal muscles leading to stronger orgasms and bringing about expanded pleasure states. These Yoni Eggs can be safely boiled for maximum hygiene.


The Ultra-Spheres are truly a modern day miracle for women. Our clitoral network contains at least 5000 nerve endings devoted only to pleasure. These nerves are linked to erogenous zones all over the body as well as the sex centers in the brain. When a woman is in a full body orgasmic flow her whole body is so sensitized it's like one big clitoris. As this happens, she may experience powerful states of cosmic consciousness. A woman's sexuality and orgasmic capacity is vast and yet, sadly, many women remain unaware of their own power. By using  Ultra-Spheres we have an opportunity to awaken our entire sexual potential easily and naturally. Ultra-Spheres open up physical and auric expansion of our pleasure potential. They also, gently and effectively, bring about sexual healing, dissolving trauma or tensions that may be present in the yoni and pelvic region. Ultra-Spheres are also an amazing way to prepare for a hot date. Wear them all day and discover what a difference it makes to your overall sexual pleasure when you take them out and engage in sexual union with your lover.