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Men's Massage Tools

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An important aspect of full body massage, and particularly sexually intimate massage, is the fact that our skin is an organ that drinks in whatever is put on it or massaged into it. Our internal body is affected by what we put onto the external skin. When it comes to massage of any kind food grade organic oils, creams, and gels are the best option, and very important, when used externally and internally in the woman's anus and Yoni (vagina).

 Our Tachyonized oils and gels are food-grade safe for the mouth, the genitals, and the skin. You may be amazed when you use our Passion Organics lubricant by the delightful aphrodisiac effect they awaken in sensitive and intimate areas of the body. For men, for maximum comfort and effect, we recommend applying the Passion Organics line of lubricants to the Ultra Spheres and to the anal opening before insertion into the anus. Passion Organics lubricant is perfect for sexual love union. It enhances the experience for both you and your partner. For Lingham (penis) massage and self-pleasuring, the Ultra-Balance Massage Oil takes your experience to another level. As you consistently use our Tachyonized Tantra products, you may be excited to discover their healing effects, physically, emotionally and spiritually.