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EMF Protection - Cell Phones & Home

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We are surrounded by electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) from which we need to protect ourselves. EMFs destabilize and unbalance the body. To counter the effects of dangerous EMFs there are no other products on the planet as effective as our Tachyonized products. With our wide line of products you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the EMFs produced in your home, your workplace, outside, and in your vehicles. With these products you can relax knowing you are protected from any and all electronic devices––including your cell phone, computers,video games, appliances...all electronic devices. Our EMF protectors not only protect you they energize and rejuvenate by turning EMFs into beneficial energy for the body. 


The Mini-V Pendant is extremely powerful. Wear it around your neck and experience its power. Place Sun Spots in your home or office for maximum protection. Paint your home and office walls with Star Dust for overall protection for you and your family. And check out the other products and tools that also protect and enhance your life. Numerous studies have clearly demonstrated, and experts have confirmed, that our Tachyonized Tools turn hazardous EMFs into beneficial energy for the body. 


All of our Tachyonized products are available worldwide and are proven to be the most effective and wisest choice for EMF protection.