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Meditation Tools for Men

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Tantra is the union of meditation and love. Meditation represents the masculine path of non-judgmental witnessing. Love represents the feminine path of love and devotion. As these two dimensions within us meet we experience an alchemical shift into our ultimate divine nature. No matter which style of meditation you practice, all methods lead us into present moment awareness, and into the space beyond time and mind, a space of eternally flowing presence. Tachyon Meditation Tools support meditation and are of tremendous value for the Tantra practitioner. As we use these products we experience an open and flowing chakra system, moments of timelessness and bliss, an expanded awareness of our auric field, expanded states of consciousness, and the descent of grace from the beyond. The perfume of deep meditation is love and gratitude. Tachyon Products help us achieve this, easily and naturally.


Tachyonized Ultra-Spheres are a tremendous support for tantra meditation. There is a saying in Tantra––no mud, no lotus. The phrase  describes the growth of the lotus from the rich mud at the bottom of the lake symbolizing our sexual energy. The stem of the lotus, growing up through the water, symbolizes our chakra system flowering on the surface of the lake, symbolizing our crown chakra. No growth is possible if the lotus is not being nourished by the mud. Superconscious states of being are only possible if our sexual energy is vibrantly conscious and alive. Ultra-Spheres have the remarkable ability to nurture physical sexual energy and expansion in the auric field. Using Ultra-Spheres you can easily access the merging of sexual/spiritual states. For men, Ultra-Spheres can be worn internally in the anus.